Empowering Group Workshops

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Mindful Brand and Customer Essence Workshop

Price: SGD $65

In this transformative workshop, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery through guided meditation, uncovering your core brand values. By connecting with these authentic principles, you will define your ideal customers with clarity and purpose. The workshop will be hands-on with the intention to empower you to align your business with your true essence, creating a magnetic brand that resonates deeply with your target audience.

Market Research Essentials Workshop

Price: SGD $147

In this workshop, we’ll explore fundamental research techniques that can help shape your business strategies, learn how to analyse gathered data and seamlessly infuse your research findings into your marketing campaigns. You will get the opportunity to craft a survey or interview guide for your customers. Our aim is to ensure you leave feeling empowered with valuable insights that can help bring your business to another level.

Mindful Website Audit Workshop

Price: SGD $147

Is your website failing to attract the right users or convert them into customers? It is likely that your website has not been crafted and developed adhering to the best website practices. Join me as I introduce you to Masala Collective’s Visual Website Storytelling Blueprint.

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Most of the time, each brand needs a tailor-made solution so prices will vary accordingly. I do not merely submit a marketing proposal to you and send you off to do the work on your own. I make every effort to co-create with you a holistic marketing strategy. If you only need my expertise for a specific task (such as the design of a website or logo), I am available on an hourly basis.
Please contact me with a brief description of your business, your vision, current marketing challenges, budget and timeline. I will schedule an introductory call to discuss your needs further. Upon receiving all relevant information during the introductory call, I will provide you with a quote/proposal that will outline the cost, deliverables, and the timeline involved.
The Mindful Marketing Mastery for women entrepreneurs which will be launching in June 2022. This would be a guided program with weekly mentoring sessions and access to a private community of like-minded female business owners.
Taking on dual roles as a Sessional Lecturer at Griffith University and a Digital Marketing Director at Mecca Creative has provided me with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise regarding marketing. With over ten years of experience teaching thousands of students, I have developed an extensive understanding of how to motivate individuals in accordance with their learning abilities. In my opinion, this is a key component of a mentoring program.

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