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Hello my beautiful souls! I am Dr Lalitha Kirsnan, affectionately known as Lala by family, friends, and students.

I am a third generation Singaporean Indian living on the Gold Coast with my gorgeous husband. I came to do my undergraduate study in 2006, fell in love with sunny Queensland and decided to stay on here.

How, what, why Masala Collective?

The onset of Covid-19 sparked the whole process. As the world entered into lockdown, I noticed that many business owners, particularly women entrepreneurs, resorted to Instagram to market their products and services. While I was impressed by their persistence during a time of crisis, I was concerned about the manner in which they were marketing their business. I observed many female business owners using aggressive sales techniques. Limited-time offers were emphasized in order to foster a sense of urgency.

In order to gain a better understanding of the marketing practices of female business owners, I contacted and spoke with a number of them. Most of them mentioned that they had been advised that the best way to market their products is to run sales promotions and push their offers to their target market. Since most of these women did not possess marketing knowledge or experience, they believed what was told to them. With people telling them to do different things, they felt frustrated and alone. Their number of customers remained low despite increased sales following the promotion.

It was at this point that I decided to introduce the concept of
Mindful Marketing to female business owners and to start mentoring them. The concept of marketing is often misunderstood to revolve solely around sales promotions. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. Marketing that is truly effective goes beyond a scarcity mindset. A state of consciousness is encouraged in all aspects of marketing, including product, pricing, product placement and promotional decisions. Rather than promoting mindless consumption, mindful marketing facilitates informed purchasing decisions.

With Masala Collective, I am committed to supporting and holding the hands of female entrepreneurs throughout their marketing journeys from the very beginning. With an open heart, I will meet you where you are on your journey. For your business marketing, I will give you an honest assessment of what will work and what will not work. Also, I understand how significant it is for me as a woman to be surrounded by other similarly minded women. This is why Masala Collective also strives to build an empowered community of conscious women entrepreneurs.

I am a third generation Singaporean Indian living on the Gold Coast with my gorgeous husband. I came to do my undergraduate study in 2006, fell in love with sunny Queensland and decided to stay on here.

How, what, why Masala Collective?

In mid-2020, the Covid pandemic had left many people jobless. During this period, I observed many small business owners, particularly female entrepreneurs, utilizing social media platforms to promote their products and services. While I commend their ability to pivot during a time of crisis, I am equally disturbed by the aggressive promotional techniques used in their marketing campaigns. Now, what do I mean by aggressive promotional techniques? These are marketing strategies which emphasise on limited time offers fostering fear of missing out (FOMO). 

Real mindful marketing goes beyond the scarcity mindset. It aims to promote a state of consciousness in all aspects of marketing, including product, pricing, product, placement, and promotional decisions. As opposed to encouraging mindless consumption, mindful marketing can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. 

With this in mind, I decided to introduce the mindful marketing concept to female entrepreneurs with a focus on those who operate from their hearts and are seeking customers who share their values. My vision is to build a community of women entrepreneurs who are skilled in mindful marketing. 

I’ve come a long way.

I started out in business and marketing back in 2008. Since then my job title and role has evolved but my love and passion for business and mindful marketing has remained the same.

Feb 2011
Griffith University
Sessional Lecturer in Marketing

Over the last 11 years, I've been teaching for a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate marketing courses. My areas of expertise include consumer psychology, branding, marketing research and green marketing. It is a passion close to my heart. I was recognised as one of the university's seven top educators in 2020. 

May 2014
Gold Coast Design Studio
Marketing Consultant

In this role, I developed and executed digital marketing campaigns using various channels including SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. Leveraging on my mixed method researcher skills, I analysed market trends inthe digital industry to continuously refine brand image and service offerings.

Oct 2017
Griffith University (The Intergenerational Care Project)
Marketing and Communications Manager

I acquired considerable public relations skills through this role. I reviewed external communications across a wide range of channels and developed a new integrated marketing communications strategy. I prepared and delivered high quality marketing collateral and drafted media releases. I managed strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders including media, industry representatives, academic practitioners and the general public . 

May 2018
Griffith University
PhD in Marketing

This is my life's biggest achievement. My PhD thesis explored the barriers and facilitators to pro-environmental behaviour among Singaporeans. My conference paper based on my thesis won the Best Paper in Track for Asia-Pacific at the Academy of Marketing in 2014. 

Jan 2020
Mecca Creative Australia
Head of Digital

On the days I am not teaching, I am busy spearheading digital campaigns at Mecca Creative Australia for a wide range of clients from various industries (e.g., health, beauty, legal, hospitality, tourism and retail). 

January 2021
Masala Collective
Founding Director/ Mindful Marketing Mentor

My role with Masala Collective is two-fold. Firstly, I mentor heart centered women entrepreneurs on mindful marketing strategies which will help them build authentic brands. In addition, I am creating a network of like-minded women entrepreneurs to support and empower one another. 

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Investing in a mentoring program can be a difficult decision to make. Here are some answers to assist you to see if I am the right fit for you, your brand and your customers. 

I offer one to one mentoring program. As part of the program, I will seek an understanding of what your vision is for your business, your brand values, and how you are solving the problems of your customers through your products or services. 

Additionally, I will address the current marketing obstacles you are facing. My goal is to create a comprehensive marketing plan for your brand that includes logo design, website development, and other forms of digital marketing.

Taking on dual roles as a Sessional Lecturer at Griffith University and a Digital Marketing Director at Mecca Creative has provided me with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise regarding marketing.  With over ten years of experience teaching thousands of students, I have developed an extensive understanding of how to motivate individuals in accordance with their learning abilities. In my opinion, this is a key component of a mentoring program.

Most of the time, each brand needs a tailor-made solution so prices will vary accordingly. I do not merely submit a marketing proposal to you and send you off to do the work on your own. I make every effort to co-create with you a holistic marketing strategy. If you only need my expertise for a specific task (such as the design of a website or logo), I am available on an hourly basis.

Please contact me with a brief description of your business, your vision, current marketing challenges, budget and timeline. I will schedule an introductory call to discuss your needs further. Upon receiving all relevant information during the introductory call, I will provide you with a quote/proposal that will outline the cost, deliverables, and the timeline involved. 

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