Mindful Marketing

What is Mindful Marketing?

As the name suggests, it is to do with mindfulness but in the way you develop, design, implement and evaluate your marketing strategies for your business.

Mindful Marketing consists of 4 key components:

State of Consciousness


Being aware and cognizant of each stage in the marketing cycle. Continually asking yourself why you are doing what you are doing. 

Be intentional. Always ensure that your marketing strategies are aligned with your personal beliefs and values and are not motivated by someone else’s success framework. You know best deep inside what resonates with you the most.

Serving not Selling

Mindful marketing does not take a sales oriented approach. Instead, we focus on how we can serve our customers by providing them with actual solutions to their needs through our products and services. We want to be helping our customers from an honest and transparent place.

Promoting sustainability

Mindful marketing encourages mindful consumption which can in turn help avoid wasteful practices that are harmful to the environment and society.

Building brand resonance


Mindful marketing aims to build strong lasting relationships with the end user where the customer is loyal to the brand and not the sales offer. 

We want our customers to be talking about our brand and our offerings in a positive way when we are not in the room. We want them to be our brand ambassadors.

Who is this for?

The entrepreneur who operates from her heart space and wishes to create a mindful brand that aligns with her personal values.

The entrepreneur who is seeking to help her customers genuinely by providing them with real solutions through her product and service offerings.

The entrepreneur who is driven to contribute to sustainability in a positive way through her product and service offerings. Her overarching goals with her business would include helping the environment and/or society.

The entrepreneur who believes in co-creating her brand with her customers because she respects their feedback.


Book in for a free discovery call with me. We can discuss your business needs, vision, marketing goals and see if I am the right fit for your business. 

I can work with you on a hourly basis if that would be a better option for you. However, it is important to know that a sensible investment is necessary for a business in order to yield long term growth. 

Each business is different and unique. Therefore, a standard marketing package will not do justice for your business in the long run. My pricing differs on individual business’s marketing needs. 

My online mindful marketing course will be available tentatively end of June 2022. This would be a guided program with weekly mentoring sessions and access to a private community of like-minded female business owners. Sign up to the mailing list for future updates on the launch of the course. Early bird discount will be available for the first batch of business owners. 

Taking on dual roles as a Sessional Lecturer at Griffith University and a Digital Marketing Director at Mecca Creative has provided me with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise regarding marketing. With over ten years of experience teaching thousands of students, I have developed an extensive understanding of how to motivate individuals in accordance with their learning abilities. In my opinion, this is a key component of a mentoring program.

Ready to Brew Your Brand?

Currently, you are at a crossroad. You have the option of continuing along your current course or leveraging my experience and using the assistance that I will provide you with to positively influence your brand.

What’s it going to be?

Ask yourself the following questions:

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