Brew Your Brand the Mindful Way

I help female entrepreneurs build conscious brands through mindful marketing.

Brew Your Brand the Mindful Way

I help female entrepreneurs build conscious brands through mindful marketing.

Do you feel a misalignment in your current marketing efforts?

Although you have the right product or service offering and know deep down that it meets the needs of your ideal customers, you are having difficulty reaching them.

Do you find that:

Imagine building a mindful brand through a marketing process which is thoughtful and intentional?

Picture this: You go to bed with a peaceful mind. It has always been very important for your brand’s purpose to align with your own personal principles and values. Your goal was for your customers to understand your brand’s vision and values and trust that the products or services you are offering will meet their needs. Your dream has become true today. Your business vision for your brand, you and your customers are in harmony.You are experiencing an abundance of positive results.

So how do you get there?
Read on to find out how you can create a mindful brand that resonates with your values.

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Masala Collective is an online mindful marketing academy for female entrepreneurs to guide them to build successful and authentic brands which speak to the soul.


1. Book Consultation

Reach out to schedule a free discovery session with me.

2. Mentoring Call

We’ll discuss your brand’s vision, unpack your marketing obstacles, and decide on steps to take.

3. Co-create a Plan

Together we’ll co-create a marketing plan in alignment with your brand values.

4. Grow Your Brand

Implement the marketing plan and watch your brand evolve into one that is mindful and authentic to you.

Hello lovely ladies! I am Dr Lalitha Kirsnan, affectionately known as Lala. I am a third generation Singaporean Indian living on the Gold Coast with my husband.

At the start of the Covid pandemic, I observed many small business owners, particularly female entrepreneurs, utilizing social media platforms to promote their products and services. While I commend their ability to pivot during a time of crisis, I was equally disturbed by the aggressive promotional techniques used in their marketing campaigns.

I decided to embark on a journey to introduce the mindful marketing concept to women entrepreneurs. My goal is to walk with you hand in hand, teaching you how to develop marketing strategies with deep awareness.

If you are a female entrepreneur operating from your heart space and are looking at vibrationally aligning your brand values, business vision and customers through mindful marketing, reach out to me.

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Ready to Brew Your Brand?

Currently, you are at a crossroad. You have the option of continuing along your current course or leveraging my experience and using the assistance that I will provide you with to positively influence your brand.

What’s it going to be?

Ask yourself the following questions:

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