Understanding Your Customer’s Decision Making Journey

We focus today on the first step of the customer decision making process – unpacking the underlying motivation for the purchase. 🛍There are several reasons why customers buy what they buy 🛒but three important ones are notable. Scroll down further to find out more on the key reasons, on the most used theory of motivation 📒 to predict customer needs and the tools 🧰 you can use to identify your customers’ needs.

Wait, there’s more…four beautiful and successful business owners have given me permission to use their Instagram marketing posts as examples for this topic. Scroll down to see if you can identify the customer needs they are trying to fulfil through their product or service solutions. Use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a guide. 😊

Thank you so much 💕🌷@honouredwomb@theduajournal@jia.wellness and @spice_therapy.sg

*Reference: A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham Maslow